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Poor weather could lead to sunbed scare

After a wet and wintery spring, the first sign of sunshine will have many of us reaching for the summer wardrobe.

Cancer charities are worried paranoia about pastiness could be leading more people to kick start their tans on sunbeds.

Claire Knight from Cancer Research UK said: "Some people do think that a tan makes them feel healthier but we know that a tan you get through a sunbed is not healthy.

"We know as well as increasing the skin cancer risk it can also age skin prematurely so it's not a good look and we would dicourage people from using sun beds."

Sunbed sessions could be dangerous Credit: ITV Anglia

In her late teens and early twenties Sara Allaban from Northampton was permanently tanned thanks to 3 sunbed sessions a week. The colour came at a price, just days after giving birth to her third child doctors found she had skin cancer.

She said: "It was horrible because obviously just having a newborn and having two other children as well and just looking at them and thinking, what if I'm going to die? And that was horrible having that hanging over your head and just all because I wanted to look brown."

Since the 70s levels of melanoma have quadrupled in the UK - Cancer Research UK say salons have not helped.

But the sunbed association says sunbeds are not dangerous and, if anything, are safer than the sun because you can regulate the amount of UV exposure you're having.

And business was brisk at this salon in Cambridge.

Tanning World in Cambridge Credit: ITV Anglia

One customer said: "I do it every year, all year round. It just makes your skin feel better the weather's been so miserable you can't wear your summer clothes.

"I'm going to die anyway I might as well die with a tan. There's loads of other things that's going to kill you let alone a sunbed."

Nuffield Health aren't taking the risk. Since taking over Greens gyms in Norwich and Cambridge they've ditched sunbeds and instead promote fake tans - a move which has had mixed reviews with members.

Alex Alvoine, manager of Greens Gym, said: "Generally they understand. They know the risks a little bit like smoking I suppose people know the risk of smoking and they still choose to smoke but it's whether or not we actually provide that facility and obviously we've taken the decision not to."

Making an informed decision is something Sara wishes she done in her twenties. While she's got the all clear from doctors she'll need regular check ups for years to come.