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Stunning aerial photographs captured by kite camera

A photographer from Cambridge has found an innovative way to snap city landmarks from the sky by strapping a camera to a kite.

Over the last four years 53-year-old surveyor Bill Blake has put together a portfolio of images from a bird's eye view.

The kite camera on the ground Credit: ITV Anglia

Bill Blake from Cambridge has been doing this for four years... sending his kite up to the highest heights to get a fresh view of the world.

Bill has combined his passion for kite flying, with his passion for photography, and by sending his camera up there, he's able to get aerial pictures across the Anglia region.

Bill has built up a stunning portfolio of buildings and lanscapes, from Thetford Priory in Norfolk, to sailing boats in Suffolk and the beautiful scenery of the Fens.

But it's his home town of Cambridge that often captures his imagination, with its array or historic buildings contrasting with modern architecture... there's always something to catch on camera.

Bill Blake said: "it is almost seeing the world as birds see it - so it's very surprising and very, very pleasing when you see that for the first time. In fact it still is."

Kite photography has been around since the nineteenth century - providing perfect aerials long before planes and helicopters... and Bill says it still has its place, even now.

"I want people to share this view of where they live," he said. "I think it's interesting and i think it's intriguing. It brings out textures which you just don't see in standard aerial photography - the sort of grittiness and the dirt.

"It's also particularly nice for photographing buildings because you get to see it almost as an architect's model."

A week-long exhibition of Bill's work will go in display at the all Saints church in Cambridge this Saturday - a chance to see our region from a very different perspective.