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Mother's grief after pictures of tragic Cassie stolen

A grieving mother has appealed to thieves who stole a laptop containing treasured photos of her teenage daughter.

Jackie McCord's daughter Cassie died after being hit by a car in Colchester town centre last year.

The laptop was taken from Jackie's home in Ipswich: it also contained the last ever video of Cassie.

Cassie McCord Credit: ITV Anglia

Photos of Cassie are never far away from Jackie McCord at her home in Ipswich.

Since her daughter's death in February last year, every item connected in some way to her has understandably become extremely precious.

Some of the few comforts Jackie had though have now been taken from her by thieves.

They stole a number of items including a silver Phillips laptop with a grey keyboard, a silver ipod with a yellow leather case, and a black blackberry 9720.

Cassie was killed in February last year as she was walking to college along head street in Colchester.

She was hit by a car being driven by 87 year old Colin Horsfall.

Jackie's house on Woodbridge road in Ipswich was broken into some time between 8 in the morning and 6 in the evening on the 16th of May.

She hopes someone will have the courage to get in touch with Suffolk police.