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Job loses as Cromer Crab Company announces closure

Cromer Crab company to close leaving more than a hundred redundant Photo: ITV Anglia

The Cromer Crab company is to close leaving more than a hundred people redundant. It'll happen in August when Young's move production from Norfolk to Grimsby. Seven thousand people including Stephen Fry and Delia Smith, had signed a petition to keep the company in the county.

The news comes just days after the Sheringham and Cromer Crab Festival that celebrates the importance of the industry in the town. Around five percent of townspeope are employed at the crab company.

“We have looked long and hard at this and I’d like to stress that this move does not, in any way, reflect on the committed and experienced team in Cromer. Their passion and pride in Cromer crab is commendable and the work they do has always been outstanding. Shellfish processing remains important to our company, as we consolidate shellfish processing in Grimsby. Our priority is to continue to fulfil customer contracts, alongside ensuring that the employees affected by this announcement get the support they need by working closely with them, local agencies and other key stakeholders.”

Young’s Seafood Limited remains committed to buying from local fishermen, while keeping Cromer crab processing local, and is continuing work to finalise the best local option for this. We are today confirming that we will ensure that the Cromer Crab brand stays in its rightful home in Cromer, by working with local stakeholders on how we can give the Cromer community the right to use this brand name into the future.”

– Pete Ward, Chief Operating Officer of Young’s Seafood Limited

“Today’s announcement on our footprint consolidation is about achieving the most robust and sustainable manufacturing operating model for the long-term. We have made some tough choices about our manufacturing operations, as we have adjusted to the new reality in the macroeconomic environment and to achieve our long-term objectives. Whilst we recognise that the general economic environment remains challenging, we’re confident that we’re taking the necessary steps to put us on the right track for the future.”

– Leendert den Hollander, Chief Executive of Young’s Seafood Limited
The MP for North Norfolk Norman Lamb campaigned to keep the Cromer Crab Factory open Credit: Katie Collins/PA Wire

"This is obviously very disappointing news. My heart goes out to the employees and their families, who have dealt with a long period of uncertainty and ultimately had their fears confirmed.

“We campaigned and put forward a strong case for the Cromer Crab factory but the company has made its decision. This is a big blow to the community and very sad news for Cromer as a whole.

“Young’s have pledged to support the staff and to work closely with them and with the local agencies. I will continue the dialogue with employees, with the company and with the local council and help in whatever way I can to ensure they get the support they need to help them find work.”

– Norman Lamb MP, North Norfolk (Lib Dem)

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