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Police expect busiest weekend ahead of airshow

Around 25 officers in Southend are trained on bikes Photo: ITV Anglia

Police and neighbourhood watch teams in Southend are gearing up for one of their busiest weekends, with up to half a million people expected at the annual airshow.

The neighbourhood watch police team have opted for bikes as a quick way to get to any incidents and will be patrolling the seafront.

Around 25 officers in Southend are trained on bikes, to varying levels and police say they prefer the bikes to cars because it is quicker to get around when there are large crowds.

Sgt Chris Bramhill of Essex Police, said: "The car can't get into the high street, it can't keep close by, we can get from the front of a crowd to the back very quickly.

"Things like the airshow, a car won't be able to get to the seafront at all, we can get from one end to the other, a mile's distance in about a couple of minutes, whereas on foot that would take a lot longer as well."

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