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Warning after two 'ecstasy deaths' in 24 hours

Police in Cambridgeshire are warning that a potentially lethal drug could be on our streets following the deaths of two young men.

The men, who were both 20-years-old, died within 24 hours of each other. It's believed they had taken ecstasy-type pills.

I'd be niave to say we don't have drugs here in Cambridgeshire, we do.

– Det Insp Jon McAdam

One man was found dead at a house in Westwood, Peterborough, at 1.15pm yesterday afternoon. The other man was taken ill at a property in Huntingdon. He died at 4am this morning.

Ecstasy pills could have caused the deaths Credit: PA

Detective Inspector Jon McAdam said: "We've got no reason to believe the men knew each other or are connected in any way. But what we may have is a bad drug type that is out there that may link this at the moment."

Post mortems are likely to be carried out next week - toxicology reports will be carried out afterwards. So it could be a few weeks before police find out exactly what killed them.

Anglia Tonight asked Detective Inspector Jon McAdam if Cambridgeshire had a drugs problem. He said: "Is there a drugs problem - no. I'd be niave to say we don't have drugs here in Cambridgeshire, we do. We have operations that run, we have gangs that are arrested.

"We are always tackling drug related crimes, we know we have drugs. It's a local priority, it's a national priority. We will always do our best to get those who deal drugs under control."

The events of the past two days follow a similar death of a man in Bournemouth on May 21.

Anyone with any information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.

If people have concerns about drug use or need further advice, they can call FRANK in confidence on 0800 776600.