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MP calls for action to tackle homophobic bullying

Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart has told Parliament more should be done to combat homophobic bullying.

In a special commons debate the Conservative MP said homophobic bullying can lead to a lifetime of suffering for victims.

Iain Stewart MP said he had experience homophobic bullying Credit: ITV Anglia

Iain Stewart told Parliament he himself had experienced homophobic bullying and felt he had to hide his sexuality when he was growing up in Scotland.

He said the bullying he had experienced was relatively mild verbal abuse, but it was enough to make him feel introverted and isolated and took a long time to recover from.

He said the problem of homophobic bullying is increasing and so called cyber bullying means victims are bullied not just in person but via text messages and social media sites.

The Milton Keynes South MP said that recently 4 young men in the Milton Keynes area have committed suicide, 3 of them were gay.

He said more training for teachers to tackle homophobic bullying is necessary.

Responding to the debate the Education Minister Nick Gibb said the Government are taking the issue seriously . He said teachers had powers to delete abusive text messages.