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Olympic security arrangements tested at Stansted

Security procedures are being tested at Stansted airport ahead of the Olympics. Photo: Martin Stew/ITV Anglia

Security is being tested at Stansted airport in Essex ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London.

Officers and officials from Essex Police and Stansted Airport have mounted a joint operation to test and showcase the enhanced security arrangements which will be in place ahead, during and immediately after the events.

Essex Police say the message to would-be troublemakers or those intent on posing a security threat to the airport or London 2012 is stark and clear: "Don't try it as you will be caught"

As well as policing the airport hundreds of other officers from police forces across the region will be sent to London to help with security at the games.

  • Suffolk will send 200 officers
  • Norfolk will provide 190 officers
  • 180 officers will come from Cambridgeshire
  • Northamptonshire will send 200 officers
  • Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire will work together to provide 230 officers
  • Essex which is also policing the mountain cycling event at Hadleigh will send 60 officers to London
Police and airport officials are testing security arrangements at Stansted ahead of the Olympics. Credit: Martin Stew/ITV Anglia