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Olympic Torch Tracker: Day 47

On day 47 of the Torch Relay the Olympic Flame travels from Peterborough to Norwich Photo: ITV Anglia

Day 47 – Wednesday 4 July 2012

Peterborough to Norwich

Timings may change

7.10 am Peterborough

The torch will leave from Guildhall Square and go along Long Causeway into Broadway. Then it’s a left turn across Burghley Square into Burghley Road and then a right onto Lincoln Road. The final stretch in Peterborough is down Maskew Avenue, along Bourges Boulevard and back onto the A15 Lincoln Road as far as the junction with Mead Close.

Convoy – Peterborough to Market Deeping

Route of the Olympic Torch through Peterborough on Wednesday 4 July Credit: Locog/Microsoft

8.08 am Market Deeping, Lincolnshire

The torch will start at the “Market Deeping” sign on the B1524 Lincoln Road. It’ll progress along Church Street and Halffleet as far as Towngate.

Convoy – Market Deeping to Thurlby

8.27 am Thurlby, Lincolnshire

From the village sign on the A15 Peterborough the torch will turn into the High Street, go around The Green into Northorpe Lane as far as Woodside East.

Convoy – Thurlby to Bourne

8.53 am Bourne, Lincolnshire

The torch starts on South Road at the junction with Eagle Road. It goes north along South Road into South Street then a right into Abbey Road into Spalding Road. The Bourne leg ends at the junction with Meadow Drive.

Convoy – Bourne to Spalding

The route of the Olympic Torch through Spalding on Wednesday 4 July Credit: Locog/Microsoft

9.34 am Spalding

The start point is the A151 Bourne Rd from Monks House Lane. Then along Bourne Road, Winsover Road, Station Street and Station Road before the torch crew take a break. After that it’s along Hall Place into Market Place and then to Church Street. Then veer left onto Halmer Gate before a right into Low Road. The Spalding leg ends just before the A16 roundabout.

Convoy – Spalding to Moulton

10.37 am Moulton, Lincolnshire

The torch will go along the High Road from Bell Lane in the west to Spalding Gate in the east.

Convoy – Moulton to Whaplode

10.44 am Whaplode, Lincolnshire

The torch will go along the High Road from St Mary’s Gardens to Mill Lane.

Convoy – Whaplode to Holbeach

10.56 am Holbeach, Lincolnshire

The torch departs along Spalding Road from the junction with Wignals Gate. It goes along Spalding Road into the High Street and Fleet Street as far as the Fleet Road industrial estate.

Convoy – Holbeach to Long Sutton

11.24 am Long Sutton, Lincolnshire

Starting from the B1359 Gedney Road at Charters Lane, the torch goes into Market Street and then onto London Road as far as Roman Bank.

Convoy – Long Sutton to King’s Lynn

The route of the Olympic Torch through King's Lynn on Wednesday 4 July Credit: Locog/Microsoft

12.03 pm King’s Lynn

The torch will start off close to the historic Lynn South Gate and head into town on London Road and St James’ Road. Then left into Blackfriars Street and New Conduit Street before turning right onto the High Street and into the Tuesday Market Place. Then along St Nicholas Street, St Ann’s Street and North Street. Left into John Kennedy Way before a right into Loke Road and onto Columbia Way. It’s then into Greenpark Avenue before ending up at the Lynnsport athletics track. Lynnsport and Leisure Park has organised a special invitation-only event for schools to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Torch.

Convoy – King’s Lynn to South Wootton

1.48 pm South Wootton, Norfolk

The torch will go along the A1078 Low Road from the Hall Lane junction to the A148 Grimston Road as far as Langley Road.

Convoy – South Wootton to Sandringham

2.49 pm Sandringham

The torch will make the short journey from the Sandringham Vistors’ centre up to the Norwich Gate onto the Royal Estate to the front of the Queen’s Sandringham House where it won’t be visible to the public.

Convoy – Sandringham to West and East Rudham

2.54 pm West and East Rudham

The torch will go along the A148 from Lynn Fields to Bagthorpe Road.

Convoy from East Rudham to Fakenham

The route of the Olympic Torch through Fakenham on Wednesday 4 July Credit: Locog/Microsoft

3.18 pm Fakenham

The relay will start on Wells Road at Toll Bar and head in towards the town centre. It’ll go along Oak Street veering left into the Market Place and Norwich Street before heading out of town on the Holt Road as far as The Drift

Convoy - Fakenham to Holt

3.57 pm Holt

The torch will leave from the A148 Obelisk Plain from the “Holt Historic Georgian Town” sign. It’ll turn left onto the High Street and continue into Station Road until it gets back to the A148.

Convoy – Holt to Cromer

The route of the Olympic Torch through Cromer on Wednesday 4 July Credit: Locog/Microsoft

4.21 pm Cromer

Leaves from the A148 Holt Road at the Middlebrook Way junction near the Industrial Estate heading past the station and into town on West Street. Veers left onto the A149 before turning right onto Hamilton Road and left into Garden Street heading towards the seafront. It’ll head down the Esplanade to the forecourt in front of the pier where the Olympic Flame will be passed between two torchbearers at 4.30 pm. It’ll then head back Jetty Street and left onto Church Street and Norwich Road to head out of the resort as far as Cromer Academy.

Convoy – Cromer to Aylsham

5.25 pm Aylsham

The Aylsham leg of the relay starts at the junction of Millgate and Dunkirk and it heads down Millgate towards Gashouse Hill. Then to Whitehart Street and left into Red Lion Street veering left onto Norwich Road before finishing at the junction with Copeman Road.

Convoy – Aylsham to Norwich

5.57 pm Norwich

The torch starts it final journey of the day on the A140 Cromer Road at Waldemar Avenue. It heads south into the city centre along the Cromer Road and then the Aylsham Road. The a left turn at Waterloo Road into Magpie Road and Edward Street before getting back onto Aylsham Road and Pitt Street and crossing onto Duke Street. Then a left onto Charing Cross before turning into Exchange Street and right up Gaol Hill. The torch will then pass in front of City Hall and across the Forum Courtyard. It then goes down Rampant Horse Street, Malthouse Road and along Chantry Road and Chapelfield North before arriving in Chapelfield Gardens for the Evening Celebration.

Route of the Olympic Torch into Norwich from the north on Wednesday and out to the east on Thursday Credit: Locog/Microsoft

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