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Silverstone thank race fans

Silverstone has thanked fans who stayed away from qualifying at the British Grand Prix after rain waterlogged carparks Photo: PA

Staff at the Silverstone circuit have thanked fans who heeded advice and did not come to the Santander British Grand Prix on Saturday.

Thousands of race fans with public car parking were asked not to come along due to adverse weather conditions.

Officials described it as "an extremely difficult decision, and one that will have disappointed people that had to stay away". They added that the decision "gave the circuit a fighting chance to repair and get previously unsafe car parks into a state that can be used on race day".

Staff are now hoping that contingency plans put in place from Friday night mean that they are in a stronger position to accommodate all ticket holders coming to Silverstone on Sunday.

The circuit has issued the following information for people who plan on coming to Silverstone tomorrow:

Information from Silverstone officials for Sunday 8th July:**

  • Everyone with a valid ticket for Sunday is encouraged to come to Silverstone.
  • Please leave plenty of time to arrive at the circuit and, where possible, travel in 4x4 vehicles, on motorcycles or car share.
  • In order to park vehicles safely, fans should be prepared for a longer walk than usual. Please wear sensible shoes and clothing.
  • The severe weather conditions over the last weeks and, in particularly, the last 48 hours, has had a significant impact on the public car parks. It will, therefore be more difficult to park on than in previous years.
  • Please follow Stewards’ instructions. They will do everything possible to ensure you are parked as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Everyone who has a valid ticket for Sunday entry arriving by foot (campers & people staying in the locality) with pre booked tickets should arrives as normal.
  • People with pre-booked Park and Ride passes and tickets should follow directions as sent out and follow instructions from stewards. Please be patient - we are doing our very best and are working hard to get you in.
  • Campers must leave cars at the campsites and not bring them to the circuit as they will be turned away.
  • Campers should avoid trying to leave the site on Sunday night and stay until Monday morning. This will avoid getting caught up in traffic unnecessarily.
  • Hospitality guests should follow instructions as normal, and again be patient with stewards.
  • To help stagger traffic exiting the site, please stay behind and enjoy the off-track entertainment, including the post-race Grand Prix Party.

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