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Day 51 - Olympic Torch Relay: Cotton End, Bedfordshire

William and Henry wave their flags Photo: ITV Anglia

The crowds had started gathering before the Olympic flame even arrived in Bedford. But four miles south of the town lies the usually sleepy village of Cotton End. The A600 that runs through it is a fairly busy road, but this morning the cars were few and the pavements were packed with people awaiting the arrival of the flame, scheduled for 10:52.

Sally Cripsey getting into the spirit Credit: ITV Anglia

Many people had walked from neighbouring villages. It threatened to rain, but crowds here got off lightly considering what the rest of the day threw at those who were out and about!

Freddie Wright from Radlett took the torch through Cotton End Credit: ITV Anglia
Freddie Wright holds the torch Credit: Will Wright

One of the torchbearers had to pull out, leaving 12 year old Freddie Wright from Radlett to complete two legs. He had plenty of support: his family came all the way from Elstree, and his former headteacher spoke to Anglia News just as the convoy left to travel to Letchworth.

Everyone in the crowd seemed to enjoy the atmosphere with plenty of comments about the amount of people who had turned out.

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