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And the light stayed on

A porch light believed to have been made a century ago is still burning bright in a Suffolk house.

Home-owner Roger Dyball, 74, said “We have been here since 1967 and the fitting was here when we arrived. We have just left it there with all its original fittings and it has never gone out.”

He checked the serial number on the bulb with manufacturers Osram back in 1968 and they told him it was probably produced around July 1912.

Roger, from Pakefield in Lowestoft, says it has a very thick filament and he thinks that's the secret of its long life.

It's not in the record books yet though. The oldest recorded working lightbulb had been running for 113 years and was found in Margate, in Kent, in 2008.

Osram told Anglia News they would be interested to see the lightbulb to try and verify exactly when and where it was made.

The lightbulb has a long filament in a zig-zig shape
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