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Call for action after rise in road deaths

MPs have called for leadership from the Government after a rise in road deaths in 2011. Photo: Tom Wilkinson/PA Wire

MPs are calling on the Government to provide "stronger leadership and a clearer vision" on road safety following a rise in the number people killed on our roads.

Ministers should provide an explanation for the increase in road deaths recorded in 2011, the report from the House of Commons Transport Committee said. This was the first annual increase since 2003 and the Government should give reassurances "that this does not mark the beginning of a worrying trend in road deaths", the report added.

The committee said road accidents were the leading cause of death among young people aged 16-24.

The report comes after two teenagers were killed in a crash in Norfolk on Tuesday evening at Gillingham near Beccles.

In the Anglia region, 218 people died in road accidents in 2011 and 2,499 were seriously injured. There were big rises in road deaths in Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

This is the breakdown of people killed in road accidents in each police force area in the Anglia region in 2011:

  • 18 in Bedfordshire - down 11% compared with 2010
  • 33 in Cambridgeshire - down 18% compared with 2010
  • 41 in Essex - down 21% compared with 2010
  • 36 in Hertfordshire - up 29% compared with 2010
  • 43 in Norfolk - up 10% compared with 2010
  • 19 in Northamptonshire - down 21% compared with 2010
  • 30 in Suffolk - up 50% compared with 2010