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Your pictures of the storms

Lightning over Hethersett to the south of Norwich Photo: ITV Anglia viewer Dave Bowden

ITV Anglia viewers have been sending in pictures of the lightning and towering thunderstorm clouds that have brought torrential rain to East Anglia on Wednesday evening.

Lightning in Old Catton to the north of Norwich at 8.30pm on Wednesday evening Credit: ITV Anglia viewer Racheal Harbord
The lightning storm over Hellesdon near Norwich. Credit: ITV Anglia viewer Brian Bales

The video below was taken in Norwich by Mike Ducker - there is an action replay at the end running at one-quarter speed.

Angry-looking clouds at Elm near Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. Credit: ITV Anglia viewer Jane Rowe
Lightning over Lowestoft, Suffolk at 11pm on Wednesday. Credit: Paul Bessey

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