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Tourism hopes for summer holiday boost

Thunderstorms and heavy rain are continuing to make summer 2012 a washout Photo: Brian Bales

The wet and dreary start to Summer was today cited by City analysts as a key factor in keeping Britain's economy in the doldrums.

But with a break in the rain forecast... the start of the school holidays, and the added Olympic factor - its hoped tourism in the East will get a much needed boost.

Those in the tourism industry have noticed a noticeable drop-off in trade. Owners of the Cliff House campsite in Dunwich, Suffolk say they have noticed a drop in last minute bookings and more people putting off their stay until later in the year.

But the weather has been even more damaging on the countless events across our region, with large scale open air shows such as the Suffolk Show and Ipswich Mela being cancelled.

The tourism industry is worth 6.2 billion pounds to the Anglia region and employs nearly a quarter of a million people.

Peter Williamson, Chairman, Norfolk Tourist Attractions Association said:

"In 25 years of running attractions I have never recorded any continuous wet spell like we've had in 2012... here at the model village it has been quite hard going as we are predominantly an open air attraction, but... if we get some sunshine it may not turn out to be the wash-out it started as."

Naomi Roach, Scudamore's Punting Company said: " Usually in July all these boats would be out... all our chauffeurs would be out... we'd have a queue waiting all the way down here as well.

But as you can see we've got all our self hire in at the moment, and we're not even letting them out because the current's so strong due to all the rain that we've had."