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Otter cubs born at Colchester Zoo

Two male smooth-coated otter cubs have been born at Colchester Zoo.

They were born to male otter Kong Kea and female otter Chea on the 25th of May.

The otter cubs are fit and healthy and are getting bigger every day, they will be given Cambodian names similar to their parents.

The parents joined the collection in October 2010 from the Rare Species Conservation Centre (RSCC) in Kent.

The adults have had previous success with a litter of cubs in May last year and the two recent cubs can often be seen getting up to mischief and playing around with the group.

Smooth-coated otters are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN red list, meaning that they are at risk of becoming a threatened species.

One of the major threats to the survival of the smooth-coated otter is the loss of suitable habitat. The breeding success at Colchester Zoo helps to ensure a healthy captive population aiding the continued existence of this species.

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An otter cub at Colchester Zoo Credit: Colchester Zoo
An otter cub and parent Credit: Colchester Zoo