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Couple's lucky escape after lightning strikes home

The Medleycott's at their home in Milton Keynes Photo: Lauren Carter, ITV Anglia

A couple in Milton Keynes had a lucky escape after their home was struck by lightning.

The bolt struck the bungalow in Beanfare, Beanhill, tore through the boiler flue in the roof before ripping through to the kitchen causing a small fire.

Patricia and Ernest Medlycott were inside when it happened and said the sound was unlike anything they had ever heard before.

Ernest said: "It was a huge bang, never heard anything like it before. Never."The couple were watching TV when it happened, Patricia added: "We were sitting in the front room watching the olympics. All of a sudden I heard this big crash and it made me jump."

The Medleycott's son was with the couple at the time of the strike and was able to put the fire out before it spread anywhere else.

Fire crews arrived at the scene shortly afterwards. Today they told us fires caused by lightning strikes are extremely rare.

Damage caused by the lightning strike Credit: Lauren Carter, ITV Anglia