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Corby councillor looks to contest by-election after MP Louise Mensch resigns

Corby Councillor David Sims has told Anglia News he is seriously considering "throwing his hat in the ring" to be the Conservative candidate in the upcoming by-election in the constituency.

The resignation of Corby MP Louise Mensch on Monday due to family reasons has set the scene for a crucial by-election in Corby, which is expected to be held on November 15th.

Labour have had a candidate in place for a while, Andy Sawford, son of former Kettering MP Phil Sawford was selected last year as the prospective parliamentary candidate. He has said he is ready and up for the fight and its a real opportunity for him that this seat has come up sooner than 2015.

The Conservatives have yet to put in place a process to select a candidate but there has been criticism from some Northamptonshire MPs about the way Louise Mensch ( Bagshawe as she was then) was chosen to fight the seat.

She was a candidate from the Tory Party A list, an 100 strong list of candidates chosen by party headquarters to fight winnable seats. Northampton South MP Brian Binley has said that the A list selection process has left the party with an unnecessary by-election and egg on its face.

Wellingborough MP Peter Bone says people need more experience in politics before becoming members of Parliament, suggesting Louise Mensch didn't know what she was letting herself in for.

This may all the lead the way to the Conservatives selecting a local candidate for the by-election, and maybe David Sims is that man, with experience as a parish councillor, borough councillor and as campaign manager for Louise Mensch at the General Election.

There will be some pressure on the Conservatives to select a candidate as soon as possible as Labour are set to officially launch their campaign tomorrow.

This will be a hard fought campaign, Labour as favourites will want to win well to show they are making progress after their disastrous 2010 election result in the East.

The Conservatives will be desperate to hang on to show support for the coalition is not waning, it will be very difficult for them to do so. But by-elections often throw up unusual results and there are probably more than 3 months before voters go to the polls, a very long time in politics.

Corby MP Louise Mensch resigned due to family reasons Credit: PA
Cllr David Sims, Corby Borough Council Credit: Corby Borough Council

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