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Boy blinded by detonator explosion

Scene of last night's accident Photo: Serena Sandhu, ITV Anglia

A teenager has lost the sight in one eye after a railway detonator exploded in his face, police have said.

The 15-year-old boy suffered severe facial injuries after at least one detonator was thrown on to a bonfire and exploded last night, British Transport Police said.He was taken to Southend Hospital and is expected to undergo surgery today.

The boy had earlier been playing with two friends at a skate park in Belton Way, Leigh-on-Sea, in Essex.

It is believed they took a box of detonators, which are used as fog signals on the rail network, from a nearby railway depot. The depot is located just behind the skatepark, separated by a metal fence.

Two 17-year-old boys have been arrested on suspicion of theft and are being held at Southend police station.

The incident was reported to police at about 10.50pm last night.

This is a tragic incident which has had very serious consequences for the youngster involved.

It does serve to highlight the dangers of trespassing on to any part of the rail network that is not meant for public access

– Detective Constable Michael Bute, from British Transport Police