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Homeward bound: Olympic athletes bid farewell to London

Nikolaidis Alexandros, Greek taekwondo and flag bearer thanks Gamesmakers Photo: Martin Stew, ITV Anglia

With the curtain falling on the London Olympic Games last night, athletes have begun to head home.

The Greek Olympic squad were among the first athletes to depart, preparing to leave from Stansted this morning.

The debt stricken country had a disappointing games by their standards, taking home just two bronze medals in Judo and Rowing.

Despite their disappointment on the sporting front, the athletes themselves said the games had been a fantastic experience.

Taekwondo competitor Nikolaidis Alexandros - the flag bearer for the Greeks at the opening ceremony - paid tribute to the GamesMakers.

He said the army of volunteers had really added to the athletes' enjoyment of the event.

So far today the 126-strong Serbian squad, the 35-strong Lithuanian team and athletes from Czech Republic. Stansted has laid on additional 40 charter flights to help the sports stars get home.

The plane which will fly the Australian Olympians home Credit: Martin Stew, ITV Anglia
The Greeks head home from Stansted Credit: Martin Stew, ITV Anglia