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Rapper takes part in safety campaign

Professor Green issues safety message Photo: Joel Ryan/AP/Press Association Images

Rapper Professor Green is taking part in a safety campaign to warn of the dxangers of using headphones on level crossings.

The campaign is being backed by safety campaigner Tina Hughes whose daughter Olivia was killed on a rail crossing in Essex in 2005.

In the video Professor Green says:

I never imagined asking people to stop listening to my music but this is about staying safe, so just for a minute, I want them to stop.

“I know it’s very easy to get caught up in a track when you have your headphones on and get distracted from where you are and what’s around you but I’m asking, please, lose your headphones when at a level crossing and pay attention to all the safety warnings. I don’t want anyone to end up on the tracks listening to one of mine.

– Professor Green

Liz Heading, Network Rail’s community safety manager, said: “People wear headphones all the time nowadays; on the train, walking down the street, and even cycling or in the shops. We think though that there are times when it makes sense to stop the music and devote your full attention to where you’re going.

“Trains can travel up to 125mph on the main British rail network and even with safety warnings such as lights and signs at footpaths across the tracks, it’s easy to get distracted if you’re caught up with your favourite tune. If Professor Green is asking people to stop listening to his music just for a few minutes, we hope people will listen up, lose their headphones, and not their lives.”