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Dylan's mum: I can't rest until he's back with me

Rachel McCollum and her father Photo: ITV West

The mother of missing boy Dylan Cecil said she will never have closure until her son's body is found.

Speaking to ITV West reporter David Woodland, Rachel McCollum said the loss had yet to sink in and she would not be able to rest until her son was brought back to her.

She said: "I am devastated, i just can't rest at the moment until he's back, I haven't got closure, he's still lost, what can i do? I did all I could."

She described the terrible moment when the four-year-old slipped off the jetty at Burnham-on-Sea and into the water.

"He was playing at the end of the jetty, he was less than a metre away from me and he slipped, lost his footing, he went under.

"I jumped in straight away as did his dad, and we both got taken by the whirlpool, he went straight under, he never came back up for air."

Rachel said she knew her son was gone the moment she jumped into the sea. She said that she was in the sea for twenty minutes looking for her son.

Rachel thanked the rescue and search crews for their effort and urged people to keep looking for Dylan's body.

The heart-broken parent also paid tribute to her 'gorgeous' son saying 'he was too good for this world'.

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