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Heavens above! Vicar's wife turns stand-up

Funny Lady: Gaynor Cooper and husband Noel Photo: ITV Anglia

The wife of a Bedford vicar is causing something of a stir after swapping church congregations for a different kind of crowd.

Gayna Cooper, 61, has become a stand-up comedian, fulfilling a long-term ambition. Gayna's husband Noel is the rector of St John the Baptist church.

The mum-of-four had won several prizes for public speaking, and having a few gags up her cassock, decided to try them out on the local comedy circuit.

She describes her humour as cheeky, the kind of gags the whole family can enjoy.

Despite several successful gigs at local pubs and plans to do more Gayna says her responsibilities as a Vicar's wife always come first.

But then just as in one of her jokes she's the first to admit she's far from what you might expect.