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Counterfeit goods burned in Hertfordshire

Every year, tens of thousands of counterfeit goods are seized across the Anglia region.

In Hertfordshire, approximately 25,000 fake items - including clothing, make-up, toys and CDs - were confiscated last year.

This morning, Hertordshire Trading Standards showed its zero tolerance approach to counterfeit goods by setting fire to some recently confiscated clothing.

Councillor Richard Thake from Hertfordshire County Council said: "I'm sure this is a universal problem but we just won't tolerate it in Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire is a county of opportunity, but it is not an opportunity for people to rip people off and make money out of criminal activities."

It's sometimes possible to remove labels so counterfeit goods can be recycled or donated to charity. But some have to be destroyed to make sure they do not end up back on the market.

"We only destroy goods when we have to," said Guy Pratt from Hertfordshire Trading Standards.

He added it's not always possible to remove logos and fake brand names: "Obviously if we then put them back into the market, then that would be the chance for people to make money out of this again, and research shows that criminal activity in counterfeit goods often is used to fund other activities such as drugs. So this is something we need to clamp down on."