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Virtual nurse joins fight against infection

Bedford Hospital's new virtual nurse Photo: ITV Anglia

Bedford Hospital has a new recruit in the war on infection: Jane the holographic nurse.

One of Jane's main roles is to highlight the importance of robust infection control across the hospital: she reminds visitors to wash their hands as they enter the building.

Bedford is the first hospital outside London to install what it describes as 'the virtual nurse projection unit'.

It's hoping Jane can reduce the rate of infectious diseases including norovirus (winter vomiting) entering the hospital.

The virtual nurse is modelled on Bedford Hospital Matron Jane Daniel.

I feel privileged to be asked to take such an important role in promoting hand hygiene throughout the hospital, as it’s so important that visitors to the wards use the hand gels and sinks provided to stop the spread of infection.”

– Matron Jane Daniel

The hospital has also provided hand gel and hand washing sinks at the entrance to each ward; introduced hand wash announcements in every lift; and placed posters and information stations throughout the hospital.

Good infection control and hand hygiene practices are vital in keeping our patients safe and infection-free. Jane, our virtual nurse provides an innovative way of getting these important messages across to visitors, who have such an importance part to play in stopping the spread of infection.”

– Lead Nurse for Infection Control, Juliet Magee