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Beach steps cut off by the rising tide

The council says the beach steps at Happisburgh in Norfolk are unsafe and must be pulled down Photo: Olivia Paterson / ITV Anglia

A row's broken out on the Norfolk coast over a set of metal steps which the local council plans to remove. For years people have used the steps at Happisburgh to get down to the beach but the council says they're not safe and must go.

Until May metal steps led from the cliff top to the sand below. But with coastal erosion eating up the rock face the council removed the connecting walk way for safety reasons. At a meeting on Monday morning, they decided to take away the steps altogether.

The plans have angered local people, who say they and tourists are being denied access to Happisburgh's star attraction.

The council has built a ramp about ten minutes walk away and says this gives ample access to and from the beach. It hopes to replace the steps in due course.

Steps from the cliff to the beach at Happisburgh, Norfolk are to be removed over safety concerns. Credit: ITV Anglia