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Full statement from cyclist murder investigation

The scene of Delaney Brown's murder Photo: ITV Anglia

This is the full statement from Det Chf Inspector Steve Collin:

It is a week today that Delaney Brown was killed in a hitand run collision in Vincent Road, Leagrave, Luton.

Hisdeath has left his family in despair. His father, three brothers, andgrandparents are devastated. There are people out there who can help solve thismurder.

Some of them may have already made up their minds inchoosing not to help us.

If that is the case, I am here today to try and change theirminds.

There are a lot of people who knew Delaney and the sort ofperson he was, or was perceived to be. These are the people I need to comeforward and help this investigation. However, I can confirm that I have asuspect in mind but for operational reasons I cannot name this person at thistime.

Delaney was 19. He had three brothers and lived in BankClose, Hockwell Ring and was very close to his grandmother and greatgrandmother. He was unemployed.

I know that Delaney had been involved in crime but I do notbelieve this is the reason for his death.

On Wednesday, September 5th at 4.30pm as hecycled along Vincent Road, we believe Delaney was ‘targeted’ by someone drivinga silver One Series BMW car. This persondrove at Delaney causing the collision which killed him.

Delaney was pronounced dead at the scene and a full crimeinvestigation was launched straight away. He died of a broken neck and deathwould have been instantaneous. He also had crush injuries which may be of a consequenceof hitting a garden wall.

With information already received this has now become amurder investigation.

_Let me make this absolutely clear that I believe this was a deliberateand unnecessary act which originates from a disagreement between two individualsfrom different families. _

I firmly believe that the person responsible for Delaney’smurder is local and will be known by this community. My appeal here today is toappeal to those people to come and talk to the police.

People who have either witnessed or have knowledge of thiscrime have Grandmothers, fathers or brothers too. I appeal to them today. Putyourself in this family’s position and do the right thing.

There is a lot of information circulating within thecommunity and also speculation and rumour but as yet we have not had anyonecome forward who is prepared to give evidence to support this investigation.

You can talk to me in confidence. Any information that wereceive, directly or through Crimestoppers, can be acted upon discreetly. Peopleout there know who did this. Help Delaney’s family by speaking to us.

A car, a silver One series BMW, was found in Morris Close,Marsh Farm, on the following morning with damage to the front consistent with acollision. I believe this car was the vehicle which was used to kill Delaney.It is a stolen vehicle originally from the Hounslow area, index number WF11 RWV and I am seeking any information relating to wherethis car has been since it was stolen on July 16 and information relating tothose who abandoned it.

Two people have been arrested in connection with thisincident. A man, aged 26 has been released without charge, the second, aged 18,has been arrested on suspicion of murder and released on police bail pending further investigation, and I amcontinuing to pursue all those responsible for Delaney’s death.

Between 3pm and 5.30pm today, exactly one week afterDelaney’s murder, officers will be in and around Vincent Road speaking tolocals about what happened. Road blocks will be in place and we will also beputting up posters appealing for help and to remind residents that we are investigating.

The smallest piece of information could unlock this case soagain, I would plead to anyone who knows the identity of those responsible tocome forward and speak to me directly. Your safety can be guaranteed and yourdetails kept in confidence.

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