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Bedford taxi driver murder trial

Bedford taxi driver Mehar Dhariwal, 61, was killed in January. Photo:

A taxi controller has described the moment one of her colleagues was attacked in front of her as being like a scene from a film.

Christine Clegg was giving evidence at the trial of Daniel Rogers who's accused of killing Mehar Dhariwal in Bedford in January

Mehar Dhariwal was a popular and well known taxi driver in Bedford, where he had worked for more than 13 years. At his funeral hundreds of his colleagues formed a procession in his honour.

The 61-year-old died in January this year, one week after being attacked by a customer in the control room of AGS Cars in Bedford town centre. The accused Daniel Rogers, 26, of The Cloisters in Bedford, admits manslaughter but denies murder.

The jury at Luton Crown Court heard from Christine Clegg who was working as a controller on the night of the attack. She said she had never seen violence like it.

She told the court: "It was like something you see in films. He was like a wild animal. He kept kicking him and kicking him and then picked up a chair and smashed it in his face."

Mehar Dhariwal told his family he had been involved in a car accident to stop them from worrying. Despite being discharged from hospital he died a week later from his injuries.

The trial continues.