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Bishop: Better candidates for Archbishop of Canterbury

Bishop of Norwich The Right Reverend Graham James Photo: ITV Anglia

The Bishop of Norwich is among the front-runners to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury but he says he doesn't want the job.

The Right Reverend Graham James says he thinks there are better candidates for the job of leading the world's Anglicans.

He said:

Without undue modesty I think there are others who are better placed to be the Archibishop of Canterbury and I love being the Bishop of Norwich so I've got no desire to cease doing what I do here

– Right Reverend Graham James

He is one of the favourites, along with the Bishops of Coventry and Durham as well as the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu.

"It didn't surprise me when Rowan Williams said on his retirement that it takes the Constitution of an Ox and the hide of a Rhino to be the Archbishop of Canterbury and not many of us are given those sorts of gifts and graces."

There's just a day left to decide who will replace Dr Rowan Williams. The current Archbishop of Canterbury then moves to the East to take up the role of Master of Magdalene College at Cambridge University.