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Parents want answers on their baby's whooping cough death

Todd Haynes and Chelsea Thompson whose five-week old baby died of whooping cough. Photo: ITV News

A couple from Suffolk want answers from the health service after their newborn baby died from whooping cough. Chelsea Thompson, 21, and Todd Haynes, 23, from Ipswich are supporting the government's new vaccination programme for pregnant women.

Their baby Surae died at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London in March. The couple only discovered she had whooping cough after she died. They say they had taken Surae to the doctor's twice before finally being advised to take her to Ipswich Hospital. From there she was taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge before being taken to London.

Chelsea is concerned that Surae wasn't given antibiotics until four days after she had first taken the baby to the doctor's.

Surae Thompson-Haynes, from Ipswich, who died of whooping cough in March. Credit: ITV News

"No-one can say whether those four days would matter. The fact that no tests were done until four days later is a let-down. My daughter might not still be alive but there's a chance she would be if they'd done what they could've done. We're quite angry with the way things turned out

– Chelsea Thompson

Chelsea is now pregnant again. She says she will have the whooping cough vaccination being offered to pregnant women. Family and friends will also have the jabs.

The government is urging expectant mothers to have the vaccination because antibodies which protect against the disease pass from from mother to the unborn child. Newborn babies can't have the jab until they are two-months old.

Surae Thompson-Haynes, from Ipswich, was five-weeks' old when she died from whooping cough. Credit: ITV News

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