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Visa delay separates military family

Former US airman Chad Carlson and his wife Beverley. He is trapped in America after a Home Office visa delay. Photo:

A family from Suffolk have been separated from their war veteran father because of a delay at the Home Office.

Jacob and Florence Carlson haven't seen their dad in weeks after the former US airman was forced to return to the United States because of a delay in processing his visa application. The family turned to their MP for help,

Beverley Carlson from Dalham in Suffolk is parted from her husband Chad because he is stuck in his native United States, unable to return because of a massive backlog in visa applications.

Chad applied for a spouse visa in February when he left the American airforce after 20 years of service. He submitted his passport but flew back to the US this summer to look for work contracts on a one-way military permit. Now he's stuck.

The UK Border Agency has apologised for the delay in processing Chad's application.

"In recent months we have received a higher than anticipated number of visa applications which has meant that cases have not been dealt with as quickly as we would expect."

– UK Border Agency
Former US airman Chad Carlson has to keep in touch with with family over the internet Credit: ITV Anglia