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14 puppies abandoned

Some of the abandoned puppies Photo: RSPCA

14 abandoned puppies have been discovered in a field in Lincolnshire.

The RSPCA was alerted after a farmer heard the sound of yelping puppies coming from near a gate between Dry Doddington and Claypole.

When he approached he found a wooden ferret type cage and cat carrier both crammed full with puppies.

He immediately called the RSPCA and animal collection officer Fran Whitten collected the carriers up and then took them back to her home.

She said: “When we started opening the cages, we just couldn’t quite believe it. These puppies had been crammed in like sardines and it was like a magician’s hat where we kept pulling out more and more from each holder, it didn’t seem to end.”

In total six puppies aged around 14 weeks old had been crammed into the ferret box while eight had been rammed into the small cat carrier.

It is still too early to identify what breeds the pups are, but they are all believed to be cross-breeds and there could be up to three litters.

Some had severe worms, and they have been taken to an RSPCA venue where they are all receiving veterinary treatment.

The RSPCA is investigating this incident and we would urge anyone with any information about this to call the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.