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Offshore home for Wikileaks?

Sealand, off the Suffolk coast Photo: ITV Anglia

It's been suggested that the WikiLeaks organisation could set itself up on an island nation off the Suffolk coast.

Officials from Sealand - dubbed the world's smallest nation - claim to have been contacted by the activist group. Located on HM Fort Roughs, the former Second World War seafort is not currently officially recognised by any sovereign state.

The site, seven miles off the coast of Suffolk, was set up Major Roy Bates 46 years ago and is still owned by his family. They now say they have been contacted by WikiLeaks to discuss "business" and using the island as a new home. Sources at the whistle blowing organisation announced earlier in the year that they were looking to move their computer servers to international waters. Spokesman and family member Michael Bates said there had been contact with the organisation fronted by Julian Assange.

There has been contact but we cannot really talk about it. Any such dealings would be a private business arrangement and all our dealings with our clients are confidential."

– Michael Bates, Sealand

Sealand is based on a 4,500-tonne twin-towered structure, which cost #1 million to build and contains seven stories of living quarters for 150 people. The site was set up Major Roy Bates 46 years ago after he seized it from a pirate radio station in 1967. No-one from WikiLeaks was available to comment.