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Behind the scenes with Ashleigh & Pudsey

Ashleigh & Pudsey in the studio Photo: ITV Anglia

They arrived in style. A black Jaguar transporting two of Northamptonshire's hottest stars - Ashleigh and Pudsey.

Pudsey arriving at ITV Anglia Credit: ITV Anglia

They'd travelled all the way from Wellingborough to talk to us about what they'd been up to since their win.

Just after they got in through the door there was time for a quick photo, no strangers to Amandas (after charming Ms Holden during their 'Britain's Got Talent' campaign) Pudsey was happy to pose with our Amanda Houston.

But there wasn't much time for standing around, Ashleigh and Pudsey headed straight to the studio to meet our presenters.

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