1. ITV Report

From food waste to fuel

Tonnes of food wasted will be transported every year from the new Waitrose store in Ipswich, to Adnams near Southwold, to be turned into biogas.

It will cost the supermarket the same as sending it to landfill:

In a perfect world we would never have any food waste. Because we have to buy it in the first place in order to sell it in our shops so it makes good business sense to actually pass it on to consumers and not allow it to turn into waste.

– Mike Walters, John Lewis Partnership

The waste is crushed, cooked to 70 degrees to kill any bugs then left to ferment in the Anaerobic Digester for about a month where it will eventually create biogas that will feed into the national grid.

The plant will produce enough fuel to heat 250 homes for a year.