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Computer users to help with fight against cancer

Scientists at the University of Cambridge are appealling for millions of computer users to help them in the fight against cancer. They've set up a website, where the general public can log on and analyse cell samples, which could speed up the research process.

The 'citizen science' project is in collaboration with Cancer Research UK. It's the first project of its kind in the world. The Cell Slider website presents real images of tumour samples and operates in a similar way to the card game snap.

Users are first guided through a tutorial which explains which cells to analyse and which ones to ignore.Once cancer cells have been identified by their irregular shape, users are asked to record how many have been stained yellow and how bright the colour is.

They do this by clicking on another image that most closely matches the sample they are viewing. The information is fed back to researchers who look for correlations between cell types and treatment responses.Here's Megan Boots' report.