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Norfolk words could feature in Scrabble

Players could soon use Norfolk words Photo: Fiona Hanson/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Scrabble players could soon be turning to Norfolk words like tizzick, pishamire and swidge, to beat their opposite number.

The words are among a selection of English regional vocabulary that Scrabble bosses are thinking of adding to the game.

If you are a word lover, you welcome any initiative that celebrates every corner of the language."

– Olawale Fashina, scrabble competitor

Scrabble has said that it's keen to include endangered as well as emerging words. Along with the Norfolk words the term 'arrad' from Lincolnshire, which means being tired, is also being considered. When it comes to the Norfolk terms tizzick means cough, pishamire means ant, and swidge is a term for a small puzzle.

The terms will be officially allowed on the board when they're included in the next edition of the Collins Scrabble Dictionary.