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Nelson love letter to go under the hammer

Nelson's letter will be auctioned by Bonham's Photo: Bonham's

A letter from Norfolk-born naval hero Lord Nelson to his mistress is going under the hammer at an auction later this month.

In the letter, which dates from 1801, the Admiral pledges to stand by Lady Emma Hamilton despite the scandal caused when their affair became public.

Nelson's affair with Lady Hamilton was a huge society scandal after Lady Hamilton gave birth to his love child. Nelson left his wife to live with his lover.

During the scandal, Nelson urged Emma to destroy the letters sent between them, as he largely did. Emma, however, chose to keep her letters which were eventually published in 1814 contributing to her eventual downfall.

The letter is expected to fetch around £7,000 when it is auctioned by Bonham's later this month.

The text of the letter reads:

I shall not come to Your house after what passed last night 'till You send for Me when I shall fly.

I never will retract one Syllable I utter'd, or one thought I felt

Never will I sit tamely and see You My Dear friend Neglected or Insulted

Ever Your Most Sincere and Affectionate Nelson