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World War 2 carrier pigeon found

It was a top secret message sent during the Second World War but the messenger carrying it went missing in action down a chimney. It was sent by carrier pigeon, thought to have been on its way to Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes. 70 years on, the remains of the pigeon - and its message - have been found, but the wartime secret remains a mystery.

Narrow boat sunk by fast-flowing river

A couple say they've lost their pride and joy after their narrow boat sank when they were swept into a sluice on the River Nene in Northamptonshire. They were trying to navigate their way through Ditchford Lock near Wellingborough when the strong current caused by recent rainfall pushed them off course.

Boy's severe allergic reaction to an everyday painkiller

When a mother from Cambridgeshire, gave her young son some everyday painkillers for a virus, little did she realise it would leave him on a life-support machine. 11-year-old Calvin Lock suffered a severe allergic reaction to the drugs - causing his body to blister and his skin to fall off.

Doctors disagnosed him with the rare Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and warned that he might not survive. Now Calvin's parents are planning to launch their own charity to alert others to the condition.

World's most expensive sheepdog

A good working dog is worth its weight in gold at least that's what a shepherd from Suffolk is hoping. Edward Thornalley has just bought the most expensive sheepdog in the world at auction. Midge cost 38,500.