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Mum's Army! Writers change the sex of Captain Mainwaring

A statue of the original Captain Mainwaring in Thetford Photo: ITV Anglia

The town of Newmarket in Suffolk is up in arms at plans to turn Captain Mainwaring into a woman into a new film version of Dad's army.

Mick Whitman regularly dresses up as the self-important and blustering Captain Mainwaring.

He's a volunteer at the Dad's Army Museum in the town of Thetford where one of the best loved comedy creations of all time was filmed.

"I really cannot understand it. I don't know why. Captain Mainwaring is a man and we've had Dad's Army for so long now why do we want to alter anything? I just can't comprehend that."

The Museum is currently trying to raise enough money to buy Corporal Jones' butchers van which comes up for auction early next month.