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Animal rescue in Northamptonshire floods

Animal rescue in Northamptonshire Photo: Jon Stevens

Rescue services managed to save a sheep from drowning in Northamptonshire as floods continue to cause problems across the region. They went into action after finding the animal at Castle Ashby near Northampton.

A sheep rescued from floods in Northamptonshire is returned to safety Credit: Jon Stevens

After hauling the sheep into a rescue craft they were able to take it back to dry land where it seemed to be unharmed by the ordeal.

Surrounded by water but the house is safe from floods Credit: Jon Stevens

Meanwhile the owners of Dunkley's Restaurant at Castle Ashby found their house was cut off by floods this morning.

But John Dunkley is determined that he and his wife will be staying where they are. Despite the dramatic image their house has not been flooded.

After it was flooded in 1998 the building was knocked down and rebuilt higher up.

Even though it appears water is lapping around the front door it still needs the level to rise considerably before the house is under threat

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