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Countdown to crunch match between the Dons

MK Dons have their first match with AFC Wimbledon since the formation of both clubs. Photo: ITV Anglia

The countdown continues towards the MK Dons first meeting with AFC Wimbledon since the formation of both clubs. The FA Cup 2nd Round tie will be screened live on ITV on Sunday.

There's been talk of AFC Wimbledon fans boycotting the game at Stadium MK.

In 1988 the 'old' Wimbledon created one of the FA Cup's biggest upsets by beating Liverpool in the final at Wembley. But in the years since that historic day, then the club slowly declined following the loss of their Plough Lane ground.

There was also a lack of appetite from Merton Council in South London to help replace it. That led to Wimbledon's move to Buckinghamshire with help from MK Dons current chairman Pete Winkelman.

By then those strongly opposed to the move helped establish AFC Wimbledon. They're now a league club after five promotions in nine seasons but many still won't acknowledge the Milton Keynes club. Fans have even taken issue with club's name.

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