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Traffic cones removed from M1

Roadworks on the M1 Photo: PA

If you regularly travel on the M1 through Bedfordshire, you've probably got use to the roadworks.

They've been in place for around three years, which has meant a reduced speed limit of 50 miles-per-hour on both the north and southbound carriageways.

But as of this morning, there's no reduced speed limit and no more roadworks.

It follows the completion of major work on the M1 carriageway between junctions 10 and 13, from Luton Airport up to near Woburn in Bedfordshire.

Today, the final section of roadworks between Junctions 11 and 12 was removed and the traffic cones placed to one side.

y will now be able to extend its Managed Motorway Scheme, which allows drivers to use the hard shoulder during busy times.

There is a catch though - we've not seen the end of roadworks altogether. Work will sometimes continue overnight and possibly at weekends. But most drivers can now look forward to a journey without disruption.