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Daz, the dog with the loudest bark

Daz's bark is a lot worse than his bite Photo: ITV Anglia

When a burglar strikes you'll want to give him the message that he's not welcome.

Nothing does that more than a big dog on the other side of the door… especially when that dog has the loudest bark in the world.

Peter Lucken from Little Clacton in Essex feels very safe in house. He owns a white German Shepherd dog called Daz. Such is the power of Daz's bark it's been made into a free recording which homeowners can download online and play out as a burglar deterrent.

"I think a dog, a big dog is a deterrent to a burglar because if you're going to burgle a place, what do you look for? In, out, quick, not making a fuss, making as little noise as possible, I don't think you're going to want to jump into an environment where all hell's going to break loose, possibly get bitten."

Ironically, at the ripe old age of 11, Daz is more interested in his cuddly toys than attacking burglar. Proving his bark is definitely worse than his bite.