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Seal swims 50 miles inland through flood water

Seal caught on camera swims 50 miles inland through flood waters Photo:

A seal believed to have swum more than 50 miles (80km) along a flooded river to a nature reserve is expected to become a visitor attraction.

The mammal, thought to be a common seal, has become a YouTube star after being filmed hopping into a lake at the Fen Drayton Lakes Reserve in Swavesey, Cambridgeshire.

It is believed to have made its way up the River Ouse from King's Lynn in Norfolk aided by floodwater.

Graham Elliott, of the RSPB, said the sighting was "surprising". The seal has not been seen since the video was shot but he predicted an influx of visitors.

The charity said it was "relaxed" about the situation but would monitor the seal's well-being and take action if a problem arose.

"We haven't actually seen the seal for ourselves yet but there's no reason to think there's any problem."

– Spokeswoman

"It's perfectly happy in the lake with plenty of food to sustain it.

"It's not a threat to any other wildlife and hopefully it will find its way out the same way it came in."

– Graham Elliott, RSPB

If the seal begins to face difficulties, the RSPB will consult the RSPCA on what action to take.

The video was captured by a 29-year-old who wanted to be known as Robjn. He said he initially thought it was a dog in trouble but it became clear it was a seal when it came up for air.