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2012 a washout for farmers

Flooding caused havoc in 2012 Photo: ITV Anglia

Leak harvesting at Southery on the Norfolk and Cambridgeshire border is hard, labour-intensive work at the best of times. But too much rain and not enough sunshine have left large areas waterlogged. Yields are down by around 30%. It is a similar situation with other vegetables such as onions and potatoes.

2012 was a particularly bad year for weather - drought conditions and a dry early spring gave way to months of rain. The rainfall in this region was the highest seen since records began in 1910.

Food may become more expensive Credit: ITV Anglia

This meant major events such as the Suffolk Show were cancelled while summer holidays were ruined at places like Billing Aquadrome.

Summer shows were cancelled last year Credit: ITV Anglia

But farmers may be feeling the consequences of the weather more than most. Grain harvests have been low and the quality is poor, meaning prices are rising.

The National Farmers Union says people have to be realistic about the supply and demand of food but the British Retail Consortium say consumers should not panic.

Food prices could rise Credit: ITV Anglia

I don't think customers should panic because, of course, there are no shortages. It's a very resilent supply chain which retailers operate and there are actually some good things on the world stage happening with food prices at the moment. The price of key commodites like wheat - which influences things like bread and pasta - are coming down in price and food inflation overall is pretty stable"

– Richard Dodd, British Retail Consortium