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Wildlife Trust calls 2012 "the year of the slug"

2012 was a good year for slugs Photo: ITV Anglia

And the winners of last year's chaotic weather.

Slugs... slimy lovers of the wettest summer for a hundred years.

There are even reports of a giant Spanish super slug invading gardens. At Sheringham Park in North Norfolk wildlife has fallen into two camps, they either did spectacularly well in all the wet weather or incredibly badly.

"The very wet start to the year around April washed a lot of birds nests out of the trees abd the swifts left early in August.

Butterflies were very few and far between most of this year. While bats found the going tough too.

Despite there being so many slugs, underfed hedgehogs have been flooding into rescue centres. One Norfolk Hedgehog charity has taken in 250 of the creatures in recent days .

"The early part of the year was so we wet we had problems of thm coming in such and poorly then it dried up for a short spell and then later on the hedgehogs bred later which has caused all these tiny one tocome into hospital."

But it's not all bad news.

The terns at Blakeney Point in Norfolk have had a bumper breeding year.

And the weather's suited the seals round the coast at Horsey Gap too producing plenty of pups.

Orchids have flourished - a bee orchid grew to twice its normal size at Sheringham Park.

It's been fabulous for funghi too.

So a mixed bag of winners and losers in 2012. And with one of the mildest ever starts to this year prepare yourself for more tales of the unexpected.