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Breakfast clubs can help pupil achievement

Primary school pupils enjoying breakfast club Photo: ITV

It's the most important meal of the day.

The breakfast club at Place Farm Primary Academy in Haverhill in Suffolk has been running for two years - and it's proven popular with both pupils and their parents.

The school's head teacher also believes it helps pupil achievement.

But breakfast clubs are still a novelty for many - England's first major pilot scheme has just started in Blackpool, giving 12,000 primary school pupils free meals to start the day.

And Suffolk could be next. County Councillor Graham Newman certainly hopes any potential barriers can be overcome.

"Any scheme of this sort has got to be funded. And there's also an issue where we don't want to become too much of a Nanny state where we say you must feed your kids at school but we need to make sure that pupils get their nutrition at the start of the school day to help their nutrition."

Other schools in our region are also looking at ways of boosting pupil performance.

Greenacre Primary in Great Yarmouth used to languish in the bottom 200 primaries nationally - now as Great Yarmouth Primary Academy it offers breakfast, activities and homework clubs from early in the morning until parents get home in the evening.

It will take time to roll out breakfast clubs throughout Suffolk if the county council decide to follow the Blackpool scheme.

At the moment it's just purely a consideration but with it already benefitting these pupils in Suffolk it's one that the council says it's taking seriously.