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Demolition reveals lost bank account

John Drayton with the briefcase Photo: ITV Anglia

Workmen pulling down old cement works in Cambridgeshire have unearthed a forgotten bank account containing more than two thousand pounds.

The demolition team at Barrington found the documents in an old briefcase. It's hoped the surprise find will be donated to charity.

John Drayton has worked on this site in Barrington for 43 years. It was once a thriving cement works, but now the plant and its busy social club have been closed for 5 years.

So imagine John's surprise when demolition crews uncovered an old briefcase with details of the club's bank account that was far from empty.

I took this into the building society and said could you tell me if there's any money in this account, and they said yes, £2,500.

– John Drayton

The cement works had been a thriving part of the village of Barrington for decades - at one time it employed more than 300 people.

The social club had been at the heart of that team - costing 6 pence a week to join.

Now it's hoped that the forgotten cash will be handed over to charity.

Once they've overcome one important hurdle.

"Members have got to be consulted before the assets are disposed of. What I'm trying to do now is find any members who disagree with me that this money should go to charity."