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Police devise HQ race game

The headquarters of Northamptonsire Police has been turned into a race track in a new mobile phone game. "First Response" in a free iPhone app which can be downloaded and played by members of the public.

Players have to complete a time trial by driving a police car in the grounds of Wootton Hall. It was designed by Ky Tavinor who works for Northamptonshire Police. He's been developing it for a couple of years in his spare time. He told us: "It's been quite a fun little project and it's nice to see that people are actually downloading it now and using it."

Around 4,000 people have downloaded it so far. Northamptonshire Police says it's a new and innovative way of engaging with members of the public. Chief Inspector Tom Thompson said: ""The staff round here, we've all had a go. I think our children will probably be better at it than we are. It's good fun - it also allows you to get into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the force website."